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Leaked Sprint memo reveals upcoming Direct Connect Now app for Android

It has been almost a year since the launch CDMA network and now throw iDEN push-to-talk menu, the latter of which could see a big help in the near future. A doc recently suggested leaked Sprint has acquired direct Connect Now Android app in the works – one that you rockin ‘some ruggedized hardware. The […]

TED expands its reach with streaming talks on Netflix

You can watch the TED talks with a number of devices via the web or applications available, but an organization that is often debated / conference has added another feather in the cap big enough: this stream Netflix. That includes about 200 talks to begin with, which are grouped into 14 different “shows” with titles […]

ZTE blasts past the speed barrier with field test of 1.7Tbps data transmission

Bank-150/35Mbps main FiOS connection that you are so proud to call so? Yes, it looks like dial-up beside the burn speed achieved recently by ZTE terabit optical networks. Telco China, mostly known as the United States for mobile handsets, has successfully completed a trial designed to highlight the possibility of migration “of the transmission system […]

Yahoo hits Facebook with patent infringement lawsuit

Yahoo has seen some pretty big shocks in this company, and seems now to try again changing tack. As AllThingsD reports, Yahoo today launched what it described as “large” patent infringement case against none other than Facebook. That the request is for a total of ten patents covering everything from advertising and privacy measures to […]

Twitter snatches up Posterous, microblogging field about to get a little bit smaller

The Y Combinator funded by Posterous have time today and is now eaten by the biggest player in the microblogging market. Services share only move a lot of the elite of Silicon Valley, but never managed to make a dent in fields dominated by men such as Tumblr and the owner now, Twitter. Posterous team […]

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