What is Next in First Person Shooter Games for 2017

Over the years, first person shooters have flooded the video game market and there have been a lot of titles that are worth picking up. As we head into the early months of 2017, we have already seen several first person shooter games that we can’t wait to play. From fast paced action filled time killers to series narrative-driven stories, there is something for just about everyone in today’s upcoming shooters. Check out this list below for some of the top most anticipated first person shooters in 2017.

1. Prey.
Currently, not a lot of information has been released concerning Prey. Originally, this 2017 first person shooter release was meant to be a sequel to the 2006 release, Prey. The video game is now going to be picked up as a re-envision of the first installment of Prey developed by team Arkane studios due to the fact that the rights to the original game were passed around, ultimately leading to the cancellation of any sequel to follow. From what has been revealed so far, Prey takes place during an alternate timeline in the United States in which President John F. Kennedy survived his assassination attempt and as a result, he continued pushing the funding of the space program in the U.S. The game will begin on a space station known as Talos, which was built during Kennedy’s term as President and continues to operate in the year 2032.

2. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.
If you are a fan of the previous Sniper game series, then you will most probably discover that this third installment of Sniper is going to play, look, and feel better than ever. Sniper developer, CI Games, is doing its best to release a top triple-A game in this third installment of the game. The game will have players taking the role of Jonathan North, a US Marine who is retired. The entire nation is in disarray as a Cold War closes in together with a Civil and Proxy war all taking place in the town of Georgia. The narrative of the video game has players going to Georgia in order to take out the town’s intruder, and later on, players learn that Jonathan North shares a connection with this mysterious individual.

3. Dead Island 2.
Dead Island 2 was first unveiled during E3 2014 and fans are still eagerly waiting for the title to be released. The game is going to be the third installment to the Dead Island franchise, with the previous titles being Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Dead Island 2 has been said to feature a new open world that takes place throughout the Los Angeles, San Francisco area and another undisclosed location in California. The story will take place several months after the events that took place in the first title, Dead Island, in which the US armed forces have put all of California in full quarantine due to the outbreak of zombies. Dead Island 2 has had an up and down development process and it was originally intended to be launched in 2016. However, as the development of the game has been taken over by Sumo Digital, it is expected to be released sometime in 2017.

There are still lots of interesting first-person shooter games that are going to be released in 2017 each with its own unique story and play style, however, the above three stand out as the most highly anticipated ones by gamers all over the world. Both Prey and Sniper: Ghost Warrior have their released dates set to May 5, 2017, and April 4, 2017, respectively while Dead Island 2 has not yet received an official release date. As always, once these titles come out, you will most likely need to arm yourself with tips and cheats that will help you get through some of the difficult or tiring parts of the games, therefore, make sure you visit https://www.iwantcheats.net/ for all the latest updates on tips, cheats, and hacks concerning these titles and more.

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