The Benefits of Azure-based Cloud Solutions

Many companies claim to offer Azure services. These are not exactly the same cloud solutions provided by Microsoft. Like those is offering, these are Azure-based services. They are not products or services offered in an affiliate marketing or reselling setup. They are supplied in full by companies fully independent from Microsoft.

But what exactly are the reasons why these Azure services are being advertised as such? If they are not from Microsoft, why are they being linked to the Azure brand owned by Microsoft? These questions will be answered by discussing the different benefits of Azure-based services. To emphasize, these are advantages of cloud services that are based on the Azure platform of Microsoft.

Reliability under a popular platform

One of the main advantages being touted by companies that offer Azure services such as storage, cloud business intelligence, and hybrid cloud storage is the dependability of the Azure platform. Microsoft Azure is a leading player in cloud solutions. Everyone who knows the cloud acknowledges that getting associated with this brand is going to be beneficial for third-party services. At the same time, cloud storage and business solutions that are designed based on the Azure platform are expected to deliver high performance.

Cost savings

There are also companies that claim to provide cost-saving advantages with their Azure-based cloud solutions. The savings are due to the following: scalability and reduced maintenance costs. Azure-based services such as Azure archive storage and hybrid cloud storage are designed to be easy to scale up or down depending on what a business or organization needs. This means a more cost-efficient cloud solution as you only have to pay for what you really need and use. On the other hand, the cost of operating Azure-based solutions is also reduced as they are designed to ensure minimal to no maintenance.


Of course, security is an extremely important factor when using cloud solutions. Azure-based services are usually created to be highly secure. The cloud service offered by, for example, follows the DADSC (Detect, Assess, Diagnose, Stabilize, and Close) security model integrated with other strict control systems to ascertain complete security. Azure-based solutions, moreover, entail certain certification and compliance requirements to make sure that they follow standards when it comes to IaaS (infrastructure as a service) security.

Complete control over data

Azure-based services guarantee that clients will retain full control over their data. There’s no need to maintain data storage equipment if your goal is to have complete data control. You can avoid all the cost of maintaining equipment by using Azure-based cloud storage services. Even better, if you use cloud storage, you can also get the benefit of automatically addressing redundancies to ensure the most efficient use of your resources.

It’s not necessary to use Azure cloud services to get the advantages afforded by the Azure brand. There are many Azure-based cloud solutions that can provide equally good and reliable cloud storage as well as hybrid cloud storage services. You just need to make sure that you carefully examine the cloud service provider you choose.


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