Every brand needs a logo, something to represent it without saying so much. Logos make some part of living easier because in a world where attention spans grow shorter and shorter, something as simple as a powerful logo can be good for your company.

Trying to create something great that shows the company and the brand for what it is and at the same time truly portray the entrepreneur can be challenging; luckily, this has been made easy with free logo creators online.

When creating a logo, a lot of thoughts have to go into it and here are some points to consider when creating one,

  1. Logo mark/Logotype:

Usually, before a logo is created, the name of the company is already known. Therefore, it is important to also decide if the company name will be the logo, (Logotype) e.g. Coca-Cola, or a graphic will be the logo (Logo mark) e.g., Mercedes Benz. Although, logos should also be able to stand alone, without names and explanations.

  1. Audience/ Market:

Who are you talking to? What age group? What kind of people? Is the world your audience? Mothers and babies? Children? This is something to think about as well. A brand for children for example “Hello Kitty” is cute and pink and mainly for girls, and can be recognized just by looking at the logo.

  1. Color/Font:

Major things like color and fonts are one of the benefits of using free logo creators online. They help choosing font and color easier. Color and font come hand in hand when making a logo. In the “Hello Kitty” example above, the curly pink font says it is adorable; While Lego and Marvel logos, for example, are Logotypes that say unisex, and “I am open to whoever is interested”. That is the power of color and font.

  1. Adaptable:

However uncomplicated or complex the logo is, it should be flexible enough to be easily printed on materials such as books, pens, mugs, etc.

  1. Timeless:

When thinking up a brand or company, we also do not think it to be non-existent in the next year or two. The same goes for the logo that represents it. It should be able to withstand the test of time. That is, it is simple but always stands out, year in year out. Changing logos often, even if it is yearly, confuse the consumers and show a certain level of unreliability.

You can decide to use your logo to show your inner self, or your alter ego. It is your brand, Your Company, Your logo. Therefore, your choice; and it could be fun too looking for shapes and fonts and colors that represent you, and the message you want to relay. Fortunately, free logo makers enable this to happen quickly even without always having to start from a pen and paper.

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