Ways through which you can acquire bitcoins

Bitcoins are the most common form of cryptocurrency. See more here on other types of cryptocurrencies. The most common method of obtaining bitcoins is by buying or mining them. However, there are other methods through which you can get the bitcoins. This article will highlight some of these methods.

Accept them as a means of payment in your business

This is by far the easiest way through which you can get bitcoins. You will only be required to buy a wallet to store the coins. It is important to note that more people are now appreciating the use of bitcoins hence it is appropriate for any business whether it involves selling of goods or offering of services.

Visit websites that reward people using bitcoins

There are websites that will ask you to complete a certain task and gift you with bitcoins after completing it. The only thing you require is time and internet connection. The value of bitcoins obtained through this method is usually low.

Loan out your bitcoins and charge interest

You can use this method if you already have some bitcoins. This method requires your debtor to pay back a higher amount of bitcoins compared to what was lent to him. It is advisable to only lend bitcoins to those people you know personally.


This process generates new bitcoins into the market. You are given a certain number of bitcoins every time you create a new block. You will find that most people join mining pools because the activity of mining the coins is normally very expensive and intensive.

Get paid using bitcoins

You can opt to receive your monthly payments in form of bitcoins. The number of organizations that pay their workers using bitcoins is low but there are those that accept bitcoins as a means of payment hence they can pay you using bitcoins. You can also do freelance jobs and request that you get paid using bitcoins.

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