How Video Marketing Works

If you have been wondering how best you will market your products and services to meet your sales targets then you should think about video marketing. You have tried creating good content on web pages and creating a good service page. However, things have evolved, video marketing is now the way to go. Video marketing is working wonders at bringing new customers, but how is this possible?


Video marketing is good at playing with your customer’s emotions. Be it humorous, quirky or sad, the mood of your business needs to be reflected to the audience and explainer videos to this the best way.

Scientists believe that when you watch a video, you can relate with what you have witnessed and then feel in a certain way afterwards. Emotions bring about activity. This is perfect to market your products and services. Customers connect with the characters and features in the video and they become involved.


People have too much information in their minds so after a long day , the last thing they can do is read pages and pages of written information. A video explains your product and service quickly and in a simple way. This enables your audience to get the information without thinking so much.


Two types of memory help to customers to remember your brand:

Sensory memory

Sensory memory is how we remember things from our senses. Video explainer videos capture the senses of the viewers making them to feel the need to purchase an item. It is good to appeal to as any senses as possible so that you can optimize on this technique. When consumers remember the events connected to their senses, they take action. In this case, they look for your products and services.

Long-term memory

This is the capacity of the brain to store important information. To make a video stay in the mind of the consumers, ensure you incorporate emotional attachment in your video. This makes your viewers to have a relationship with your brand. Create a number of videos to make the memory stick in the minds of your consumers. Contact Gram Video Company for more information.

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