How to use a jumping castle

Having a jumping castle at your kid’s party will take the fun to a whole new level. You will get to create an epic experience that will last in their memory for a longer period than you can imagine. For you to get the best out of the jumping castle that you bought or hired, it is essential that you have the knowledge of how to use it correctly. This article will help you learn about the major drawbacks that you should look out for when using a jumping castle. You will also get to know about the jumping castle hire price list right here.


The kids will obviously get excited and have the desire to jump all over the bouncy castle. However, it is wrong to allow too many of them to be inside it. The heavy load can cause some irreparable damage to the castle. That’s not all, some of the kids might get injured when they jump into one another. Make sure that the number of kids inside is always in check.

The position of the blowing machine

You should ensure that the blowing machine is not located close to the inflatables. The inflatables can cause the blowing machine to insert some heat into the jumping castles. This will soften the material of the jumping castles and thus making it more prone to damage. The minimum recommendable distance is always 1.2 meters.

Amount of power

The amount of pressure produced by the blower is usually determined by the amount of power supplied. You should note that using very high pressures will harden the jumping castles to a very dangerous level. Using too little pressure will cause the jumping castle to sink or collapse under the weight of the kids. Make sure you learn how to calibrate the blowing machine correctly so that you do not end up messing up the jumping castle.

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